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We help you grow your business online through local search engine optimisation, improving your Google rankings and enabling your ideal client to discover you through local searches

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Get found on Google SERPs for keywords which attract your ideal customer.

SEO Optimisation

Well optimised content for SEO will set your website up for success on Google.

SEO Maintenance

Retain organic positions on Google searches through local keyword maintenance.

Mobile First

At Pixel Hutch, every website we build is mobile friendly and optimised for speed.

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What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (often referred to as SEO marketing), lays the foundations for helping get your Taunton based business found on local Google searches. A website visible on Google means your ideal clients will be able to find your business on Google when searching for the product or service you offer. Producing high quality content for your website is just one of many factors which impact the success of your SEO results.

Studies indicate that a staggering 97% of consumers will search online for the product or service they need before making a journey to visit a businesses store, or make a purchase. This reveals just how important an effective SEO strategy is for your Taunton business. If your website isn’t visible in the search results, you will simply lose clients to your competition.

Based near Taunton, our SEO agency provides a detailed search engine optimisation consultancy to help identify gaps in your SEO which could be hindering your website’s chances of outperforming competition on Google. With careful analysis of your website, from image and content optimisation, to internal site structure and usability, we can identify why your customer search engine marketing is not getting your business found locally in the search results.

Drawing on nearly 10 years of experience in search engine optimisation and website development, our SEO marketing and consultancy can help your Taunton business score highly in the SERPs, driving new traffic to your website.

Our Local SEO Services

Collaborating with Taunton based and nationwide businesses, all websites we build at Pixel Hutch are optimised for SEO to boost local visibility, from the outset. In addition, our SEO Retainer Plan will help your business thrive online through organic search engine optimisation, working to improve how your website scores on Google and helping you dominate your local area.

Helping businesses flourish online for nearly 10 years, our SEO services include: SEO consultancy, keyword research and content analysis, content optimisation, local and national SEO strategy, keyword maintenance, and regular search engine reports.

SEO Optimised Content

Well optimised, SEO friendly content will set your Taunton based business up for success online. Optimised for SEO, content will help describe what you do and where you do it, so that the search engine can connect you with as many people as possible through local search.

As an experienced SEO agency near Taunton, we work closely with our customers to learn what your ideal client is searching for on Google, and use this as a starting point to create relevant, user friendly content. When implemented correctly, SEO will help increase local traffic to your website, in turn boosting enquiries.

Keyword Research and Content Analysis

With keyword research, we help your business get found organically on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for keywords relevant to your service or product, and location. Our detailed SEO analysis combined with regular SEO keyword tracking helps us assess how your website is performing. Detailed keyword research identifies keywords to target, while ongoing keyword tracking helps us report back to you on the successes of our SEO campaign, as well as pinpoint areas for focus in upcoming months.

Content analysis is just one of numerous ways we help ensure your Taunton business has the foundations in place to outrank competition in the SERPs. We work hard to ensure content throughout your website is relevant to your target audience and carry out detailed on-page and off-page SEO. Content optimised for SEO will improve visibility and help your website rank above your competitors.

SEO Keyword Maintenance

Search engine optimisation is no simple task. SEO can take anywhere from six months to a year to begin yielding the results you’re anticipating. Once these search positions are achieved, SEO keyword maintenance is essential. It is important once your Taunton business begins scoring on the SERPs, not to become complacent. We must search engine optimisation to help ensure these new positions are retained long term.

With our SEO Retainer Plan, we’ll take care of every aspect of your website’s search engine optimisation by actively developing your website to improve ranking, ensuring your Taunton business is discoverable by your ideal audience. As part of our service, we will keep you informed of all keyword maintenance and development carried out through regular keyword reports which outline how your website is performing on Google, as well as identifying ongoing recommendations.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is instrumental in maintaining the performance of your website, encompassing every aspect of website development. Technical search engine optimisation can include how quickly your website loads and how this can be improved, the sitemap and URL structure.

Optimising For Speed

Don’t overlook site speed! It’s super important that your website is quick to load. Optimising your site for speed will help keep visitors engaged, leading to increased satisfaction, conversion and lower bounce rates. Site speed is also a factor considered by Google when ranking your website in local search results. At Pixel Hutch SEO agency near Taunton, we optimise image size, CSS code and adjust other elements to make sure your site loads quickly across all devices.

Optimised For Mobile

Optimising for mobile is equally important, and goes hand in hand with site speed optimisation. In 2018, Google officially switched to ‘Mobile First’ indexing which means if your website is not mobile friendly, it may struggle to outperform competition in the SERPs.

In addition to mobiles, your customers will also visit your website on a variety of mobile devices including tablets.

To help your website rank highly in the SERPs, your website must function efficiently across all devices. At Pixel Hutch near Taunton, every website we build is responsive and optimised for speed, so you can rest assured your website will be mobile friendly and quick to load.

Sitemaps and URL Structure

Your website must also be easy to navigate, both for the search engine and for your visitors. This plays an essential role in improving your ranking in the search results. If the search engine isn’t able to discover pages on your website, it will be impossible for these pages to score in the SERPs.

A clear website structure and corresponding sitemap will make it easy for search bots to understand your services and content, ensuring your website is visible to your target audience. In addition, a well structured site will be easy for visitors to navigate, meaning it is less likely they will become frustrated and exit your website before taking action.

Elements we focus on to improve website structure include; sitemaps, breadcrumbs, header navigation, footer navigation and onpage links.

If you think technical SEO errors are stifling your SEO efforts, get in touch.

Building Trust and Authority

You must take action to ensure visitors to your website trust your Taunton business and services, and trust is a hugely important aspect of SEO. SSL certificates are just one of many ways we can help gain the trust of your visitors. In addition to quality content and an SSL certificate, positive customer reviews can also work wonders in winning over your visitors, particularly when accompanied by a corresponding photo. With an SEO Retainer Plan, we will actively encourage and remind you to take photographs of your work and with customers, so we can produce detailed case studies to demonstrate your workmanship.

Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, online store or brick and mortar business in Taunton, it’s more likely than ever that the very individuals you’re targeting, use Google to search for local business online and help them make an informed choice. All websites we build at Pixel Hutch near Taunton are optimised for SEO to help capture local search visibility and unique visitors. With our SEO Retainer Plan, we help your business capture new territory online, enabling a wider audience to discover your product or service in the SERPs.

We help you thrive online with a tailored, monthly SEO package which will attract visits, sell your services and boost enquiries. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Sit back, relax. We design, build and maintain websites including organic SEO so you don’t need to lift a finger!

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FAQ's About our Taunton SEO services

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation, is an organic method used to increase the quality of local and national traffic to your website improving visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimising your Taunton website through organic SEO comprises of a varying number of factors from reviewing and improving your websites technical SEO performance and link building, to website speed, content and image optimisation. While a larger proportion of traffic to your website may be generated through paid ads, organic traffic captured through SEO generates high-quality website traffic without a pay per click price tag. At Pixel Hutch, our Taunton SEO consultants will carefully review and optimise your website for organic SEO, ensuring each of the above aspects of SEO on your website are checked, improved and monitored to help boost your site’s visibility in the SERPs.

While the route to set up SEO is not as clear cut as Google Ads i.e. you pay per click, organic search engine optimisation is arguably one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to improve your website’s traffic generated from local and national searches. If you are sitting on the fence as to whether SEO is really essential for your website, and if it will help get your business on Google, the answer is, yes SEO does work! As an experienced Taunton SEO agency, we at Pixel Hutch can implement effective on-page and off-page SEO strategies to help boost your website’s position in Google searches for keywords which will bring in the most relevant traffic for your website and business.

The main benefit of SEO over more traditional forms of advertising is that your website will appear in the SERPs and will be visible to people searching for the product or service you provide - in other words, a Taunton SEO strategy will help put your business in front of prospective customers when they are most ready to buy or make an enquiry. Another huge benefit of organic SEO is of course that it is free and any positions gained in the SERPs are the result of optimising your website for SEO, not paying for ads! Compared with search ads which require you to pay per click and therefore often demand a high monthly budget, local organic SEO can bring high-quality traffic to your website without the added expense.

Local SEO is a form of organic search engine optimisation that helps put your Taunton business in front of customers local to you in the SERPs. This also includes making sure your business is on Google Maps so that when a customer makes a location-specific search, your website and business details are visible.

In contract to Local SEO, a National SEO strategy will help your Taunton business rank in the SERPs for national keywords (those which are not specific to a location). This form of SEO would, for example, be ideally suited to an eCommerce website who serves customers across the UK and is not limited to a set location such as Taunton. As SEO experts working with Taunton businesses, at Pixel Hutch we can boost your national SEO strategy by comparing your website with nationwide competitors, assessing the quality your content, on-site and off-site optimisation, website speed and performance to name just a few.

Yes of course! Our responsive, mobile-friendly website design and builds are also fully optimised for SEO. By opting for responsive website design and SEO strategy for your Taunton business, your website will be well placed to ward off competition online. As a seasoned SEO agency for Taunton businesses, we include SEO in all website designs as standard, carefully researching your client base and ensuring content is well optimised, and as relevant as possible. Correctly implemented, local and national SEO will boost traffic to your website through organic search.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and unfortunately, one without a concrete answer. Organic search engine optimisation can take anywhere from as little as four weeks to six months plus before you begin to see increased website traffic and is dependent on the nature of the search query, competition in the SERPs and domain authority. The timescale is generally lower for local SEO such as ‘SEO Agency Taunton’, as there will be few companies offering the service to compete with. For national SEO, we can help identify longer-tail keywords which are less competitive but can boost search visibility in the short term, while working towards more competitive keywords long term.

No, at Pixel Hutch our websites are both hand-coded in HTML/PHP and built in the WordPress CMS depending on your requirements. If you are anticipating you will need to update content and images on your website yourself, WordPress is our recommended CMS. However, if you do not need access to edit your website and would like us to provide website updates and SEO optimisation services instead, we recommend a hand-coded website for speed, security and flexibility.

Yes absolutely! At Pixel Hutch, we are specialists in SEO, providing search engine optimisation consultancy services to Taunton businesses large and small who, of course, require an individually tailored SEO strategy. Our SEO consultancy can cater for anything from small to medium local search engine optimisation campaigns to boost search visibility, to nationwide solutions which help large businesses compete on Google and stay ahead of the curve.

On-page optimisation for SEO simply encompasses elements of SEO which are found directly on the webpage itself. This usually includes a number of factors such as the quality and relevance of content on the page, how keywords are woven into the content and optimised for SEO and if the images are named appropriately to name just a few, which help accurately describe your product or service to Google and boost your Taunton business’s website rankings in the SERPs.

No. Pay Per Click does not impact the success of an organic SEO campaign. While PPC and SEO are both instrumental in driving traffic to your Taunton business’s website, they are entirely separate and the success of one will not influence the success of the other. A PPC campaign is ideally suited if you require immediate search visibility as a PPC campaign can be set up and launched in just a few days, driving traffic to your website upon launch.

In contrast, organic traffic captured through local and national SEO campaigns generates high-quality website traffic without a pay per click price tag. SEO is more cost-effective, and correctly implemented can achieve ranking in the SERPs for multiple keywords relevant to your Taunton business, without the price tag of a monthly paid traffic budget.