We help you understand, measure and refine your websites' progress

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Measure and refine your online marketing

Unlike traditional website design, we will continually revise and evolve your website using the detailed data collected, resulting in a design that drives enquiries. We measure the success of every SEO campaign to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

At Pixel Hutch in Devon, we utilise advanced measurement to help you understand the impact of your SEO strategy and how users interact with your website design, as well as the overall success of your digital marketing campaign.

Measurement tools include; Google scoring reports, unique visitor data and visitor recordings to name just a few.


Scoring Reports

We regularly monitor your website’s position in Google searches and identify key areas for development

Unique Visitors

Understand how many unique visitors your website is generating and what this means for your business

Heat Maps

Track on-site visitor engagement, understand the visitor journey and refine your website to improve conversion rates

How can I build authority on Google?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) enables your website to attract more new visitors. It is a method of ensuring your website is easily discoverable on the search engine, by your target audience.

A scoring report is just one of many ways we identify how well your website is scoring on Google and which keywords are most successful. This data allows us to develop a detailed SEO strategy, securing you new business and building your authority on Google.

Improving low conversion rates

By utilising advanced measurement tools such as visitor tracking and heat maps, we can help convert a higher percentage of unique traffic into real paying customers, increasing your website's conversion rate.

Taking regular heat map recordings and tracking visitor movement through your site allows us to understand the customer journey, what content visitors are drawn to, and refine your website’s design and pitch, leading to improved conversion rates.

Why is unique visitor data important?

Unique visitor data is an invaluable measurement tool which helps you understand the impact of your SEO strategy. As defined by Google, ‘unique visitors’ is the number of individual visitors (counted only once) to your website.

With an ongoing search engine optimisation strategy in place, you should notice an increase in the number of unique visitors to your site. This demonstrates the success of your SEO strategy, by highlighting that many more new customers are now discovering your website and services through organic Google searches.

How can we help?

Based in Devon and drawing on more than five years’ experience in website design and organic search engine optimisation, we have the skills to place your business on Google for what you do and where you do it and keep it there.

Our advanced measurement techniques will help ensure your website maintain new positions gained on Google searches, and converts unique visitors into paying customers. Contact us to learn how we can help grow your business through bespoke website design and proven, long term SEO strategies.

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