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What Is A Website Navigation?

A well structured website navigation is important for both organic SEO and visitor experience. Something that is usually taken for granted, a website navigation, plays an important role in not only highlighting your key products or services to potential customers, but also helping search crawlers easily navigate your website and find all of your websites content efficiently.

It is worthwhile considering the number of clicks needed for a customer to navigate to the page they are searching for. Content that is more than three clicks deep can often become confusing for customers and is far less likely to be discovered by search crawlers. When organising your website, considering a clear structure where customers can quickly and easily locate the information they’re searching for.

URL structure is also a useful method for boosting your SEO search rankings. Web crawlers prefer page names that are logical and precise. For example, a logical and short name for this page would be ‘web-navigation’ as the content of this page talks about how to structure your website navigation. If you’re using a content management system, double check your page names aren’t automatically generated as random words or numbers.

Breadcrumbs are also really helpful for your website visitors, as they help describe where on the site your visitor is, and can help them navigate backwards if necessary. A simple way to do this is to trace back the steps you took to get to the current page. For example, for this page a visitor may begin on the ‘homepage’, navigate to ‘glossary’ and then to ‘website navigation’, therefore breadcrumbs for this page may look like this: ‘Home / SEO Glossary / Website Navigation’.

Including a sitemap is a really useful tool for web crawlers too, and ensures they can easily navigate and discover all pages on your website - essential for SEO. A sitemap is simply a list of all pages on your website, you can read more about sitemaps here.

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