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What Are Unique Visits?

When you’re reviewing the data collected in Google Analytics, or other stats software, you will notice ‘visits’ and ‘unique visitors’. These metrics are used to analyse how much traffic your website is getting, and who’s visiting.

‘Visits’ is the total number of times your website has been visited during your selected date range regardless of how many individuals visited the site. For example, if 2 people both visited your website 10 times, your total visits would show 20.

‘Unique visits’ provides you with the number of individuals who visited your website during your selected date range. If the same visitor visits more than once, the number of unique visits will not increase. For example, if 2 people both visited your website 10 times, your total unique visits would show 2.

It’s important to note that, while this data is an excellent resource for your SEO campaign, it is not always 100% accurate. If for example, a customer visited your site on a mobile device, then continued their session on a desktop or laptop device, their visit would be counted twice. Similarly, if a customer views your website on multiple browsers, their visit will be counted multiple times.

Tracking unique visits on Google Analytics, or another stats provider, gives you a valuable insight into how well your website is performing and how much traffic is being generated, so is a metric not to be missed.

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