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What is SEO Maintenance?

You likely already know that search engine optimisation (SEO) is pivotal to your businesses success online. SEO helps your business get found online, SEO maintenance helps your business keep those spots earned on the search engine.

Research highlights that over 90% of online encounters evolve from a search term being entered into a search engine such as Google, with websites ranking highly taking the biggest bite of the cherry (one third (33%) of all search traffic).

So, what is SEO maintenance and how can it benefit your business? SEO maintenance is a simple phrase used to summarise the process of ongoing web development, copywriting, monitoring and research which will help maintain existing spots on the search engine, and gain new ones.

Just how your website overtakes a competitor and ranks on page one of the search engine, another could take your spot. SEO maintenance is a great way to keep ahead of your competition and work to maintain your existing rankings on the search engine.

A monthly SEO maintenance plan with Pixel Hutch involves a combination of monthly tasks from updating existing content, to researching your keyword targeting, crafting new copy for your site, fixing any broken links and supplying regular progress reports to keep you up to date on progress. Monthly SEO can also help your website achieve consistent traffic growth and in turn and increase in online sales, calls or footfall to your showroom.

Without regular SEO maintenance, it is possible your website’s rankings will lose out to competitors, fall off the top spot and drop to page two and beyond, which gets only a small share of clicks, less than 10%.

Ongoing SEO is also essential to help keep your website current with regularly evolving algorithms and search engine updates throughout the year which could affect your search engine optimisation strategy. One of Google’s most influential updates for example, led to a demand for responsive or mobile-friendly website designs, and those that were already mobile friendly, an advantage on the search engines.

Let’s dive a little further into what SEO Maintenance at Pixel Hutch looks like. Here are just a handful of activities we carry out on your behalf to help maintain and improve your search engine rankings:

  • Tweak and optimise existing content to apply new SEO best practices learned from ongoing research into algorithm updates, consumer search trends and habits.
  • Strategise and publish new, valuable content to your website, designed to engage visitors and support your SEO strategy.
  • Review your website’s landing pages and evolve the design to improve conversion rates once we begin to gain new positions in the SERPs.
  • Tweak and review technical aspects such as title tags and meta descriptions to keep inline with your SEO strategy.
  • Implement new search engine optimisation opportunities which may positively influence your SEO efforts.
  • Regularly review Google Analytics and Google Search Console, discuss findings with you and tweak ongoing SEO plans based on insights.
  • Continually look for new keyword opportunities we could implement, relevant to your SEO goals, and implement these accordingly.

In contrast to the immediate, fast sales from pay per click advertising (PPC), search engine optimisation favours a long term strategy and, coupled with ongoing maintenance, can provide a sound return on investment.

As an SEO agency in Devon, we deliver SEO campaigns for small to large businesses in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the UK. Our detailed SEO analysis will identify critical areas for focus which could be halting your efforts to outperform competitors.

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