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What Are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are not as important as they once were, after Google discovered that people were abusing a loophole in meta tags to boost their organic ranking in the SERPs. Nevertheless, meta tags are still a useful SEO tool when implemented correctly.

What are meta tags? Meta tags are simply words hidden in the code of your website. They will not be visible to the naked eye, only search engines crawlers and bots inspecting your website code. They give the web crawlers a brief summary of what your website content is about.

The two most important meta tags are Titles and Meta Descriptions. These can be found within the HTML ‘head’ section of your website code.

Titles are simply titles which are shown both in the search engine result listings and in the ‘tab’ heading when viewing a webpage.

Meta descriptions create a space for you to include a summary about your website or page. This is where you will include what your product or service offering is, and any USPs. Like titles, meta descriptions are also shown in the search engine result listings, and should be limited to roughly 160 characters.

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