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What Is Link Building?

Let’s learn what link building is in the world of SEO, and why it is important. So, what is link building? Link building is an SEO strategy whereby you get other websites to link to your website. Over time, link building will help build your website’s authority and therefore help you rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for the keywords you’re targeting.

Link building can be a tricky SEO strategy to implement, but can be hugely beneficial to your page ranking. In fact, in Google’s Penguin update, link building was highlighted as one of the top three SEO ranking factors for organic search. However, Google rewards high quality, organic links to your website, not hundreds of low quality, spammy links that are paid.

So now you know what link building is, you’re probably wondering why it is important? Simply put, the more high quality links your website has pointing to it, the higher your domain authority will be - a higher domain authority can help your website become trusted in its industry, making it easy to rank highly for more competitive keywords.

More recently, Google has even become more savvy about identifying whether the link source is of high quality and value, or has been ‘manipulated’ for the purpose of link building, and you may find your website beginning to drop off the search engine if the latter is true.

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