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What Is Call To Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a sentence or graphic on your website designed to encourage the visitor to take the action you’re describing. You’ll often find these at the bottom of a webpage, giving the visitor a ‘next step’ when they’re ready to take action, or carefully incorporated throughout the page content.

If your website is generating a great amount of traffic, but your visitors aren’t turning into prospects or paying customers, it may be worth reviewing your website layout and the call to actions on your site. Perhaps your website doesn’t yet contain any call to actions, in which case you could be missing out on valuable leads, leaving visitors to your site confused about what step to take next.

A call to action can be used to help encourage visitors to take a variety of actions, but here are just a handful of desired actions: make a purchase or donation, call or email your business for more details, sign up to your newsletter, follow your social media, share your content.

Be sure to define your desired action and add relevant CTAs to each page on your website to help entice visitors to take action and convert traffic to your website into converted customers or warm prospects.

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