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What Is Google Analytics?

If your website doesn’t have Google Analytics installed, you’re missing out on valuable insights. This tool is especially useful for running organic SEO campaigns, as you can track traffic progress over time. Google Analytics is an excellent, totally free tool which provides a detailed overview of traffic to your website, as well as how visitors are interacting once they land on your site. You can signup and install Google Analytics tracking on your website for free by searching ‘Google Analytics’ on Google.

With the simple line of code placed on your website, Google will log each time a customer visits your website and will collect important data on how the visitor interacts with your website. Data includes number of visits, pages per session, session duration, visit source, bounce rate and much more. Collected data will be updated and visible on your Google Analytics dashboard within 24 hours.

Acquisition (or visitor source) is extremely useful if you’re running an SEO campaign or looking to improve your organic search engine optimisation efforts as this gives you an overview of exactly how your visitors are discovering your website. Google Analytics categorises your traffic by four sources; direct (your domain has been typed directly into the URL bar), organic (through visitors searching online for a product or service), referral (i.e. directories, news articles, social media and occasionally spam), and paid traffic (Google Ads campaign).

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