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What Is Above The Fold?

Have you ever heard SEOs mention the phrase ‘Above the fold’? Well, this simply refers to what portion of the content on your website appears when the site is first loaded, without the visitor needing to scroll down. Any content which requires the visitor to scroll to view is called content ‘below the fold’. This phrase originated from the placement of content in newspapers!

Content ‘above the fold’ can vary depending on your visitors screen size, device and browser, but it’s super important for both conversion rate optimisation and SEO.

Visitors to your site will often engage better with content which is above the fold, so make sure your key messages, navigation, call to actions etc are displayed in this space. This can be adapted to appeal to both mobile and desktop visitors through responsive designs and media queries.

Be aware however, not to include ads above the fold. While on the surface, this may seem like a great way to utilise the attention of your visitors, Google algorithms will penalise your website excessively for doing so.

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