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Why invest in organic SEO?

Organic SEO Devon

Why should my business invest in organic SEO?

The goal of organic search engine optimisation is ultimately to help new and existing customers find you. It is important that your website is correctly described to Google through both on-page and off-page SEO so that your website begins to appear in the search engine result pages (SERP’s). A good analogy for the Google search engine would be that its purpose and intent is to deliver a good match in terms of customer and business. With just a key search words, any given search engine is expected to understand what the question is, and deliver the best answer.

This means it is important to help Google and other search engines, understand the product or service you offer, and where you offer it (if you are delivering a product/service locally). This can be accomplished through an organic SEO strategy. A combination of well written, unique content, relevant links and off page search engine optimisation will all help Google understand what you do and where you do it, associating your site with the relevant search terms. If you have a strategic organic SEO plan, and it is implemented properly, Google will begin to help your potential customers find you through organic searches.

What does this mean for your business?

To compete with your local and national competitors, you must have an established online presence. This isn’t as simple as ‘having a website’. You need to make sure your website and business appear on Google, as this can have a huge impact on your business. As we discussed above, this is where organic SEO comes into play. If you want to reach out to potential new customers, or showcase your website online, it is important to invest in an organic search engine optimisation strategy.

When potential customers use Google for search for a local service or product, Google displays two types of results. The results which appear at the very top are paid advertisements, where business ‘bid’ to show up on the search engine result pages for selected keywords. Directly below, potential customers will be shown ‘organic’ search results. Organic search results are a compilation of what Google believes are the most relevant websites based on the searched keywords.

You are probably still wondering ‘what does this mean for my business?’ well, it is common knowledge that over 70% of search engine users don’t scroll past the first page of Google. In comparison, page two of Google only generates over 5% of clicks, with just over 65% of all clicks being generated from the first five search results. This means if your business isn’t on page one of Google, or doesn’t appear on the SERP’s at all, you could be missing out on an astonishing amount of potential visits to your site.

While organic search engine optimisation is no quick fix, and results are not generated overnight, the return on your investment can be incredible. Stay motivated, and keep developing your organic SEO strategy to begin reaping the benefits. It can take weeks or even months for Google to start matching your business to search queries, but the ROI generated can be highly beneficial to your business and its success in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you are looking for a organic SEO specialist in Devon, get in touch for a friendly chat to see how we could help get your business found on Google.

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