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Powerful Ways to Increase Conversion

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A great product alone does not necessarily lead to great sales through your website. The way your product is marketed on your website directly impacts how well it sells. Let’s run through some key improvements which would aid the conversion of your website- and they don’t all relate to website design!

1. Provide answers to visitor questions

People rarely read in depth, the main content on your website. Instead, they often skim through the content first, to decipher if you have the solution they are looking for. Be sure to use your website’s design to your advantage, to clearly highlight your USP’s in a simple format, which can be picked up even if the person is simply skimming through the content.

Ensure you emphasise the value of your products, rather than simply stating its features.

2. Include, real and detailed testimonials

Reviews featuring friendly faces of happy customers can also greatly improve how well your website converts traffic into paying customers. People buy from people, so real testimonials scattered prominently across your website, will not only improve the visual design of your website, but also its conversion rate. Testimonials featuring successful figures are particularly useful and intriguing for potential customers.

Video testimonials are also a fantastic addition.

3. Make the final process simple and stress free

Incorporate clear call to actions into your website design, making these visible on relevant pages throughout the site. Whether it is a ‘free trial’, ‘free consultation’ or ‘free discovery call’, if people see the process being as simple as clicking a button, they are more likely to purchase your product. Phrases such as ‘no credit card required’ also help instil confidence in your business and encourage people to buy into your product.

4. Add video content

Consider developing a web design which includes video content above the fold, as it helps engage new visitors and aid conversion. Effective videos are short but deliver key points or encourage an emotional connection, through the use of humour and wit.

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