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Important aspects of organic SEO

Organic SEO Devon

What is the most important aspect of organic SEO?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the world of search engine optimisation and is largely dependent on three aspects: your individual company, your location and your industry. Keep reading for advice on local SEO for a selection of different business types.

Local businesses – high street stores and tradespeople

Local businesses such as brick and mortar shops on your high street, cleaners, builders, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople (offering a product or service locally) will benefit from a local, organic SEO strategy. The location of your business is particularly important here, as this will be the main focus of your SEO strategy. In other words, local SEO will be used to help get your website found on Google’s local search results for what you do and where you do it.

When devising a suitable organic SEO strategy for a local company, it is important to ensure key information about the company remains consistent across all platforms, the address and telephone number should match across the website, Google maps listing, social media etc. This helps Google understand that the business has a physical address and is offering products/services within a particular area of the country.

For service-based companies in particular, it is equally as important to ensure your website is mobile friendly. This can not only help your site appear in local mobile searches, but also ensures visitors to your site can easily locate key information such as your contact details.

Small to medium sized businesses – offering a national service

Generally, non-local keywords are far more competitive than their localised counterparts in relation to organic SEO. This is due to the broad/generalised keyword choice and a far larger targeted search audience. The most important factor for growing your sites traffic as a small business through organic SEO, is to select one single aspect (small set of keywords) and focus your efforts on these before moving onto additional variations.

The above coincides very well with a solid content strategy, which will help your website perform better in terms of organic SEO. Regularly and periodically adding to your site, to ensure it grows naturally in the eyes of Google and combining good technical SEO can work wonders for your visibility on Google, helping you appear higher in SERP’s over time.

Social media marketing is also another great tool for small to medium sized businesses, as it will help build authority in your industry and gain the trust of potential customers.

Large businesses, including ecommerce

As a larger business, we should presume your budget is large enough to encompass all of the above key factors including; local SEO, content strategy and social media marketing. One of the most important aspects for you will be nurturing and building upon your reputation to gain trust and further build authority within your industry.

Case studies, galleries of work and real reviews with accompanying photographs are all excellent, ongoing content strategies which will help you dominate your industry and gain the trust of potential customers. These additions to your website will also aid how your website performs in the SERP’s gaining you extra spots on Google, which will in turn lead to increased traffic levels (providing technical SEO has been managed effectively).

In summary

To summarise, these are just a few examples of what we see as the most important aspects of SEO, depending on your business size and goals. As a general rule of thumb, to see results through organic SEO it is important to: devise a plan based on your company goals, focus on the long-term strategy (organic SEO is a long term goal), and set an achievable budget/timescale.

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