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Search Engine Optimisation Foundations

Search Engine Optimisation Devon

The foundations of successful search engine optimisation

As Devon based search engine optimisation specialists, we delve into the foundations which help ensure your web page can be found and displayed by Google in the search engine results for any given keyword.

Firstly, relevance is key. It is important that all the pages you create are relevant to the specific topic or keyword you are targeting. Additionally, the information on your website must be useful for visitors to your site, humans! For example, if you run a fish shop in a local market town, relevant topics could be ‘Fishing in Devon’. In contrast, producing articles about ‘The best burgers in Devon’ would be completely irrelevant and would not aid your search engine optimisation strategy.

Secondly, crawlability is crucial for search engine optimisation. It’s no good creating a new web page and launching it into no man’s land! If you can’t easily navigate to the new page, Google will not find it either. The best way to ensure your website and pages within the site are easy to crawl is to; link pages within the header and footer, link all pages from a sitmap.xml, create an overview page linking to the most relevant pages on your site, create on-site text links, linking from one page to another.

Thirdly, engagement is important. Google needs to see visitors spending more than just a few seconds on your site. If visitors engage and read content, staying longer, Google will interpret the contents of your site as a useful asset within your target topic, and therefore is likely the rank your website higher in relevant search results.

Lastly, domain authority can impact the success of your search engine optimisation strategy. This is often addressed by building high quality links back to your website from industry specific, high authority sites. This demonstrates to Google that your site is trustworthy, as other trusted websites are linking back to you within the same industry.

It is astonishing that search engine optimisation can be highly successful, simply by focusing your efforts on four key factors. Relevance, crawlability and engagement encompass the basics of on-page SEO and are those which help get your business found on Google for what you do and where you do it.

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