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Will PPC advertising aid organic SEO?

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Will PPC advertising aid how your website scores on Google’s organic searches?

The short answer is no, PPC will neither help nor hinder your organic SEO efforts. There is no evidence that investing in PPC advertising will help your website score higher for organic SEO keywords. Pay per click advertising is specifically designed to drive additional, new traffic to your site. It is particularly useful if you wish to target one specific product or service for example, running a short-term promotional campaign, or to measure the conversion rate of a single landing page before fully implementing it onto your site.

It can be useful to launch a PPC campaign if there has been a drop in your organic, local SEO search traffic. Nevertheless, it is also important to consider what has caused the drop organic SEO traffic, as a website redesign should rarely have an impact on how your website scores on Google. While a full redesign or rebuild of your website could cause fluctuations in positioning (3-4 weeks), your site should revert to its previous positioning, or begin to improve. If this is not the case, it may be worth considering how well local SEO has been incorporated into your newly designed site.

Indirectly, PPC campaigns can support a business, as a thoughtfully designed and executed pay per click campaign could increase awareness of a product or company, resulting on more traffic to your site and potentially new links. Additionally, when executing PPC for the first time, following Google’s landing page optimisation suggestions, Google may begin to notice the website, when it was previously ignored, and people’s misconception is that this increased visibility where local SEO is concerned, is due to the newly implemented PPC campaign.

There is also no evidence that PPC advertising can encourage Google to find your website quicker. The Google bot only crawls the landing pages you have associated with your PPC campaign, and is completely separate to the bot which crawls pages for local SEO.

Google also rejected the myth that pay per click advertising could help improve organic SEO results in this short clip with Matt Cutts.

In summary, a pay per click campaign is a great solution for short-term exposure, but will have no long term or positive impact on how your website scores in local, organic SEO searches.

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