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Four key areas you should measure for SEO

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Four key areas you should measure for SEO

If you have invested in a long term local, organic SEO strategy, it is absolutely essential that you are measuring your SEO performance in order to identify successes, as well as areas for future development to further improve your results. Ultimately, monitoring your organic SEO efforts will give you a clear indication of your return on investment.

Firstly, every website, whether you have a strong focus on SEO or not, should track traffic to the site. A great tool for this is Google Analytics. This is free to setup, quick to install (via a web developer such as ourselves) and easy to monitor month after month. Key areas to focus on will be new and unique website visits, traffic source (this will also help identify the amount of traffic generated specifically through organic SEO), pages per session, page views, average session duration and bounce rate (in general, the lower the bounce rate the better as this means more people are browsing your site).

Secondly, it is extremely important to track your websites keyword positions on Google. This is essential if you plant to develop and add to your organic SEO strategy in the long-term. Not only does this allow you to understand the visibility of your site, it also allows you to understand how your organic search traffic is generated, and essentially what people are searching for before landing on your site.

Customer engagement is another very important aspect. While this is primarily affected more by the aesthetics of your site, it is equally as important if you wish to convert visitors into paying customers. Monitoring customer engagement allows you to understand, once you have a visitor, what they do when they visit your site. Speak to us about how you can monitor what actions your visitors are taking, and what action can be taken to improve customer engagement if the current results are underwhelming.

Lastly, it is essential to have measurement in place for leads generated. A simple and effective way to monitor this is through calls and enquires generated through the website. Or if you have an online store, this would be identified through the number of orders processed.

If you are interested in monitoring your organic SEO efforts, or looking to discuss a local SEO strategy for your site, get in touch today.

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