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What is Local SEO?

Local Organic SEO Devon

Local SEO is a form of organic search engine optimisation which helps your website appear in Google search results local to where your company is based.

For example, depending on your industry, you may focus your efforts on gaining page ranking for the following search terms, Electrician Devon, Plumber Devon, Property search agent Devon, etc...

Put simply, local SEO (a localised form of organic SEO) is a method used by local brick and mortar businesses, to increase business and footfall from local customers who are seeking their services. Strategic content writing, on-page optimisation and off page efforts all play a part in getting a website found on Google, locally.

These statistics emphasise just how important it is for local businesses to focus on organic search engine optimisation.

• 97% of consumers looked online for a local business in 2017
• 50% of potential customers who perform a local search on their phone will visit a bricks and mortar store within a day
• 60% of adults perform searches for a local service or product on their tablet or smartphone (American study)
• 78% of local searches on a mobile device result in an offline purchase being made

Companies who offer a response service, such as an ‘emergency plumber’ will benefit hugely from local, organic SEO. Rather than visit a store, it is likely that potential customers will simply search online for an ‘Emergency plumber [their location]’, and select from one of the available options.

In contrast, businesses who predominantly sell online, such as ecommerce shops, are unlikely to benefit so highly from local SEO, as they will have a much larger target audience and prefer to keep their local information private, which Google doesn’t favour when attempting to improve local page rankings.

What are the key areas of focus for Local SEO?

Similarly to organic search engine optimisation, local SEO revolves around detailed keyword research and analysis, content and on-page/off-page technical optimisation, with a local rather than national or international focus. The main difference is, the chosen keywords will target the area close to the business, e.g. ‘web designer Devon’, or ‘local SEO Devon’.

When targeting the area surrounding a business through local SEO, it is important for content within the website to have a local focus and knowledge, ensuring it is pertinent to the customer you are targeting.

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