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How Organic SEO Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Learn how to grow your website traffic through local SEO and organic search engine optimisation

Whether you have a brand-new website in the making, or already have a website which is not generating traffic, we look at four key tips you can implement to help improve how your website scores on the search engines through SEO.

Before making any adjustments to the design and content on your website, it's key to make sure your website is firstly discoverable to Google, this means having basic technical SEO in place. To help you keep track of progress, head over to the Google Search Console, set up an account and verify your domain name.

Submit your sitemap via the Search Console

If you're wondering why your site needs an XML sitemap if you have a solid navigation structure, read on. An XML sitemap will help search bots and spiders prioritise which pages on your site to crawl, and will provide a complete map of all pages on your website - particularly useful if you have a large website which is time consuming for search bots to crawl.

Once you've built your sitemap, you can easily submit this for Google to discover via the Search Console.

Craft unique, high quality website content

Content is still king.

We can't stress the importance of producing carefully considered content for every page of your site. Aim to create engaging content which will be of real value to your website visitors, and highly relevant to people searching for your product or service on the search engine.

Aside from growing a blog, great ways to truly unique content to your site include; detailed case studies and gallery images which document your work, information about your key services, solutions to customer problems, unique and detailed product or customer experience reviews.

Unique content will benefit your site in more ways than one, not only will content creation help aid organic SEO, but it can also help engage new website visitors, encouraging them to explore your site further.

It can be beneficial to take to the search engine and research what content your competitors are producing which is ranked highly by Google and aim to produce content which trumps this.

Get your business on social media

Begin growing your social media following by creating accounts on your most relevant social channels. For example, if your product or service lends itself to a photo or two, consider Instagram and Pinterest. Or if you're marketing B2B, consider LinkedIn. Research the characteristics of your ideal customer and focus your social efforts on the social media channels your ideal customer is most likely to spend time browsing.

While social media growth won't directly aid your organic SEO efforts, it will help to boost public relations and increase brand awareness over time and provide valuable inbound links to your site. Popular social media channels include; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Enlist an SEO specialist

If you're a busy entrepreneur or business owner, enlisting an SEO specialist to build your brand and grow your organic SEO traffic can be hugely beneficial.

At Pixel Hutch SEO agency in Devon we work with individuals, start ups and established businesses on local, regional and national SEO strategies. Speak with us to discover how we can help you tailor your SEO campaign to attract your ideal customer through a combination of web design and development, SEO, PPC and much more.

If you have an SEO project you would like to discuss, get in touch.

Improve your SEO. Grow your traffic. Make more sales.